2022 Original USP Diet, How It Works, Complete Menu, Advantages and Disadvantages

If you want to go on a fast weight loss (14 days) diet , you’ve probably heard of the original USP diet . 

The original USP diet promises a loss of up to 14 kg in 14 days. There are several versions of the USP diet and even more myths about it… One of the myths is about the origin of the diet; contrary to what many say, the USP diet has nothing to do with the University of São Paulo.

Some testimonies claim weight loss of 14 kilos in two weeks. Although this number is very exaggerated, it is possible to lose around 7 to 10 kg in two weeks on this diet – but it is not the weight you want. 

What is the USP Diet?

The original USP diet is a restrictive, low-carb, calorie-restricted diet. Get ready, if you like to eat, you will do without your favorite foods and suffer a little. This diet is not the easiest to follow, as it is 2 weeks of intensive effort.

It’s important to realize that the original USP diet will make you lose weight and lose weight fast – but unfortunately it won’t just lose fat (on a diet you should lose fat mass, minimizing water and muscle loss) . 

This weight loss is going to be a loss of fat, loss of muscle and loss of water. Not everything is fat burning and after you finish this diet you will gain weight in water, muscle and fat.

What are the Benefits of the USP Diet?

  • You learn that consuming all types of food
  • You learn in an easier and more natural way to control your diet, respecting and adapting your routine

Does the original USP diet really get thin?

The original USP diet is considered an emergency diet for anyone who wants to lose a few pounds before an important event (wedding, birthday, etc). If you want to lose 10 pounds in 1 week to go to a party, or if you want to lose 10 pounds in two weeks to go to a wedding, you can try this diet.

Many people are curious about starting a restrictive, low-carb diet but are afraid of possible side effects.

original USP diet slims

Can you lose 10 kilos with the USP Diet?

On the internet there are many reports of people losing weight with the USP diet, but are these testimonials real? Is it possible to lose 7, 10 or 14 pounds with the USP diet?

To lose 14 kilos in two weeks is very difficult and with the USP diet it is almost impossible. This diet has several problems: the menu is unhealthy and the dietary rules can be misinterpreted.

 Misinterpretation of rules leads to a high failure rate due to excessive caloric intake and intake of unhealthy foods.

To lose weight you need a healthy diet with a caloric deficit. USP’s diet does not have a healthy menu, nor does it guarantee a caloric deficit.

To lose weight you need a healthy diet with a caloric deficit. The original USP diet does not have a healthy menu nor does it guarantee a caloric deficit .

Unfortunately there are many websites and magazine articles talking about the miraculous results of losing 14 pounds in two weeks – unreal results. It’s hard to believe these kinds of unsubstantiated reports, especially with the amount of complaints we can see in the comments to this article.

In addition to the estimation of the amount of weight lost being exaggerated, this diet leads to muscle and water weight loss – this weight loss is not fat, but continues to be reported as a weight loss.

Is the USP Diet Healthy?

Is the USP Diet Healthy?

Such a restrictive diet can be troublesome for people with certain illnesses, especially if they are taking medication for some kind of health problem.

Often the side effects are not serious but you should always talk to your doctor before going on a crash diet like this. The doctor needs to see your progress and potential changes in medication dosages.

Such a restrictive diet can be troublesome for people with certain illnesses, especially if they are taking medication for some kind of health problem.

Often the side effects are not serious but you should always talk to your doctor before going on a crash diet like this. The doctor needs to see your progress and potential changes in medication dosages.

A very common effect of the USP diet is the lowering of blood sugar and blood glucose levels . This is important for people with diabetes , especially those who need insulin or medication.

Since low-carb diets cause changes in your blood sugar, it is important to talk to your doctor before going on a weight-loss diet of this type.

Effects of the USP Diet

The main effect of the USP diet is weight loss. Technically this is not a side effect, but effects related to weight loss include regulation of blood pressure, improvement or disappearance of digestive problems and improvement of respiratory problems.

If you are taking medication for high blood pressure or high blood pressure , one effect of the original USP diet is to lower your blood pressure. So you should see your doctor to review the amount or need for medication. 

The same applies to digestive and intestinal problems, if you feel a difference in the improvement and disappearance of symptoms your doctor should make a new diagnosis.

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Other effects of the USP diet include decreased appetite for sugars and sweets, more energy, less belly bloating and less gas, your stomach will be better, healthier blood sugar levels, less blood pressure, less fluid retention and decreased body fat percentage.

There are some side effects that are not dangerous but can be inconvenient. These restrictive diets like the USP diet, in the first week you can experience headaches, nausea , dizziness, lack of strength and fatigue, easy irritability and heartburn.

There are also a set of effects that are specific to women. In the first week of the USP diet there may be changes in the menstrual cycle.

This effect is caused by the body’s adjustment to a new eating style. The positive effects of the original USP diet come later, your periods are less and you’ll have less pain and fewer other problems while on a low-carb diet.

These side effects are easy to reduce if you drink enough water and are well hydrated and sleep well. In rare cases these initial side effects can last up to 10 days, but usually last between 5-7 days.

USP Diet Menu

Original Complete USP Diet Menu

Here is the original complete USP Diet Menu . This diet has a weekly cycle that must be done twice. On the 15th and 5th day, dietitians return to their normal habits and this is what differentiates those who maintain their new weight from those who regain weight or get even fatter.

ATTENTION We do not recommend the USP diet for a long period. Check out some of our recommended diets like the protein diet, paleolithic diet and carbohydrate diet. If you follow the USP diet see our suggestions at the end of the USP diet menu .

1st Day of the USP Diet

1st Day of the USP DietSugar-free black coffee with sweetener2 hard boiled eggs and herbs to be desiredLettuce salad with cucumber and celery at ease
2nd Day of the USP DietCoffee with cream-craker biscuits1 large steak with fruit salad to tasteHam at ease
3rd Day of the USP DietCoffee with cream-craker biscuits2 hard boiled eggs, green bean salad and 2 toastham and salad
4th Day of the USP Dietcoffee with biscuit1 boiled egg, 1 carrot and free Minas cheeseFruit salad and natural yogurt
5th Day of the USP DietRaw carrots squeezed with lemon and black coffeeGrilled chicken at will2 boiled eggs with carrots
6th Day of the USP Dietcoffee with biscuitAll-you-can-eat fish fillet with tomato2 boiled eggs with carrots
7th Day of the USP Dietcoffee with lemonAll-you-can-eat grilled steak & fruitEat what you want, but avoid sweets and alcoholic beverages

Permissible herbs are watercress, chicory and lettuce. You can drink water, coffee and tea whenever you want.

USP Diet Menu in PDF to download

With our busy life, it is not always possible to access the internet to read or check if you are following the USP diet to the letter. With that in mind, we created an e-book with the complete original USP diet menu for you to download and read wherever you want.

To download it is super simple, click here “ download USP diet menu ” and save it on your computer or cell phone so you can read it wherever and whenever you want.

The USP menu in PDF you can also print and save it wherever you want

USP Diet Allowed Foods

The foods allowed in the USP diet, in addition to the menu, are: watercress, chicory and lettuce. You can drink water, coffee and tea all day, but without sugar.

You should not change the foods on the diet menu or reverse schedules.

  • Black coffee without sugar
  • Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Fresh and dehydrated herbs
  • salads
  • Cucumber
  • fruit
  • Ham
  • Toast
  • Vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans
  • Minas cheese
  • Natural yogurt
  • Lemon
  • Fish fillet
  • Tomato
  • Biscuit water and salt
  • Vegetables such as lettuce, celery, 
  • Milk and dairy products such as fresh cheese and yogurt
  • Eggs
  • Meat in general, such as chicken, fish or grilled beef

What Not to Do on the USP Diet?

  • Eating extra meals that aren’t on the menu
  • Drinking soft drinks or fruit juice (natural or packaged)

After completing this series you must start over from the first day. When you reach the 15th day, you end your diet, but you should improve your eating habits so that you don’t gain weight again. If you continue with your old habits you will get fat again.

During the USP diet, you should not change food during the day and should not change the order of the day. The USP diet is designed to speed up metabolism and burn fat. For the diet to work you must follow the plan exactly, otherwise it doesn’t work. There are many diets to choose from.

If you want to get the best results from the original USP diet you should avoid eating fruits with a high glycemic index. Eating fruit prevents weight loss due to fructose (even small amounts are harmful) and due to the high amount of glucose.

The USP diet is not an easy diet as it is a very restricted two week diet plan and most overweight people cannot do such a crash diet. If you don’t feel confident going on the original USP diet start with an easier diet like the soup diet , which also gives quick results, but lasts for a week instead of the two on the USP diet.

USP diet and the accordion effect

Let’s talk about something that many people who are on the USP diet or who have been trying to lose weight for a while, the accordion effect.

You’ve probably heard or know someone who’s been through this, the accordion effect happens when you lose a lot of weight more quickly recover, not only that weight with sometimes even more weight than you had before, let’s explain a little bit about how it happens and why it happens, and also show you four tips for you to know how to avoid this back-and-forth effect of weight on your body.

Also called weight cycle because you lose weight and gain weight. The accordion effect is because people often have very restrictive diets, diets that you go without eating for long periods or that cut out entire food groups.

With the accordion effect, your body consequently makes a lot of effort, and with that you end up:

  • losing muscle mass
  • Losing body fluids and water
  • You lose weight but don’t lose fat

You end up losing weight not because you lose fat, but because you are basically muscle mass and water.

When you decrease the muscle mass you have in your body, you also decrease your basal metabolism, because muscle tissue is much more metabolically active than fat tissue.

So when you lose muscle mass your metabolism slows down a lot and sometimes you end your diet leaner but like slower metabolism .

What are the problems caused by very restrictive diets?

People who go on fad diets or either cut out a large food group or fast for a long time can’t last long as it’s not sustainable as it’s not pleasurable.

Naturally, as soon as you reach your weight, you end up eating what you were eating before, even if it is much less your metabolism is much slower, much slower and naturally you get fat again and so starts a cycle of getting fat and slim, the famous concertina effect. And there are cases of people who get even more fat than they were before.

In addition, a big problem with the accordion effect is the psychological impact it causes on the person, because the person begins to think that losing weight is very difficult or that after reaching your ideal weight you have to take advantage of it because you really think you are going to gain weight again.

This causes depression, which causes anxiety , which makes you want to eat and this never-ending cycle of stress goes on .

5 Tips to avoid the accordion effect

01 – Speed ​​up your metabolism. Instead of slowing down your metabolism let’s speed it up, how can you do that? Basically with physical activities. You can exercise now if you are sedentary, or if you are losing weight, incorporate physical activity into your daily life.

By gaining muscle mass, you keep your metabolism more active, so you avoid having a sluggish metabolism and avoid the accordion effect.

02. Like tasty things . If you completely eliminate tasty food from your life, from the moment you have minimal access to it, you will have binge eating and you will eat much more than you could.

03. See what makes you eat so much . What makes you eat more? Stress and worry, or are you that type of person who discounts everything on food, both good things, good things and bad things, and say: today was a difficult day, I’m going to eat or today I’m very happy, I’m going to eat!!! Identify what your problem is, as it makes you gain weight.

4. Always set a realistic goal . If you have 30 or 40 kg to lose, don’t want to lose it in two months or a month and a half. 

If you have a hard time losing weight, or have a large amount of weight to lose, set small goals over time so that you feel happy achieving it and don’t say: I’ll never get there and then there are relapses and all of new.

5. I eat less processed foods. Eat less refined and processed carbohydrates, sugar and vegetable oils and eat more quality proteins, quality fats, food in its least processed form as possible like vegetables, leaves etc…

Photos before and after the USP Diet

Here are some examples of people who went on the USP diet and managed to lose weight.

Fotos antes e depois da Dieta da USP

Video about the USP Diet

Watch this videi about the USP Diet and understand at once how to follow it step by

E-Book – USP Diet

If you’re looking for a complete e-book on the USP diet, go here and get your free copy.

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